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Canoe Selection
he Paddle Shack staff will be glad to assist you select the perfect canoe for your needs.

Contact  the "Shack" for your canoe!

Discovery 119 ....Versitile Solo Canoe
his solo canoe is agile, stable and easy to handle. It's even well-suited for a double-bladed kayak style paddle. Equipped with the Paddle Shack custom fishing package (optional), this is the perfect solo fishing platform that doubles as a comfortable canoe to explore new areas

 Constructed of three layer super linear polyethylene...a layer of closed cell foam sandwiched by layers of high-density polyethylene that provides strength, buoyancy and's tough without being too heavy.

Contoured Seat with Adjustable Backrest
Shallow Arched Bottom
Moderate Rocker
Straight Sides

WIDTH at 4" Waterline
11' 9"
43 lbs.
500 lbs.
Green, Red

List Price $699.99
Special Order / Call or email for pricing

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Discovery 119 Solo Canoe
Next 13' Solo Canoe
Guide 147

Help choosing the right canoe for you...
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"Know Your Canoe"

Understand the terminology, and how subtle differences in size & cross section, rocker, or materials can make a big difference to your canoeing experience.

Length: Longer canoes will have greater hull speed, better tracking and greater potential for carrying capacity. Shorter canoes will be more maneuverable and lighter in weight.

Width: or beam, is given in two measurements: the beam at the gunwale and the beam at the 4" waterline. The 4" waterline beam has the greatest influence on performance. Wide-beamed canoes offer great stability but may be somewhat slow. Narrow canoes may be less stable but afford better efficiency and hull speed.

Depth: Greater depth allows for increased carrying capacity and better water-shedding ability. However, deep canoes can be harder to handle in windy conditions and will be heavier. The shape of the bottom of the canoe and how it blends with the sides will influence its performance. Stability of a canoe is affected greatly by its cross section.

Fiberglass: Extremely lightweight with a high strength-to-weight ratio, fiberglass can be formed to very fine design lines when critical performance is paramount.

Royalex® Uniroyal's Royalex®, a multi-laminate composed of ABS, ABS foam and cross-linked vinyl that provides ultra-light weight, excellent strength and resiliency.

PolyLink3™ Three-layer linear polyethylene technology that provides exceptional stiffness, low weight and built-in flotation at an affordable price.

Thermoformed Polyethylene This process uses a single plastic sheet of high density polyethylene to form a canoe over a mold. The thermoformed plastic hull material is durable and provides better abrasion and impact resistance than more expensive fiberglass hulls. Compared to aluminum the plastic hull is less prone to denting and quieter during on water activity.

Next ... the next generation of canoe
From the company with a rich 100-year history in paddlesports, comes a product that represents the future. The NEXT is a totally fresh and uniquely fun solo experience that brings a century of expertise into one truly amazing personal watercraft unlike any other. Built for one, but designed for all, the NEXT represents a new generation of boating for today's generation of paddle, outdoors and fitness enthusiasts.

Design incorporates both canoe and kayak characteristics for fun, remarkably easy and natural paddling experience.
Ideal for both double-bladed and single-bladed paddles.
Pronounced tumblehome and lower profile for easier paddling.
3-layer hull features subtle rocker for straight, smooth tracking.
3-layer hull features subtle rocker for straight, smooth tracking.

450 lbs. 59 lbs.

Colors: Blue, Orange, Lime, Purple

List Price $999.99
Special Order / Call or email for pricing

Since we are now located on a tidal creek, we do not have the demand for canoes that we did at our old location.

Due to tides and wind conditions, kayaks are much more popular in our paddling area. We have limited our stock canoe models.

We will special order any Old Town Canoe model you are interested in.

Note: We do not ship canoes.

Guide 147... Tandem Canoe
Stable enough for fishing or nature watching, yet versatile enough for family outings - all at an affordable price!

The Old Town Guide 147 is made of tough, three layer linear polyethylene that provides exceptional stiffness, low weight and built-in flotation at an affordable price.

The Guide canoes represent a breakthrough in design and construction that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 147 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. And its sharp entry provides a surprisingly efficient paddling canoe. Features include black vinyl gunwales, polyethylene decks with grab handles, an ash carry yoke and blow molded seats with back rests.

WIDTH at 4" Waterline
14' 7"
74 lbs.
900 lbs.

List Price $799.99
Special Order / Call or email for pricing



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