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Getting Ready For A Winter Nap?
News Article Summer-Fall 2015

Strange as it may seem to us, there are those paddlers who put their yaks up for the winter.
To help prepare your yak and gear for the coming winter, Paddle Shack offers these helpful hints and specials.
Cockpit Covers
UV Protection
PFD & Gear Cleaning

Remove Neoprene & Shoe Odors

Seals Cockpit Covers

Keep rain, snow, dirt, leaves, critters, snakes out of your kayak. These are heavy duty tear resistant cargo cover material with super UV protection.

The "Rim Grip" material provides extra grip to the cockpit combing. Combined with the adjustable hull strap and the tether hook for the ultimate in travel safety. No Way you will lose this cover even at interstate highway speeds.

The sized specific tailoring and adjustable bungie cord rim insures that a tight seal is achieved at the cockpit combing.

Stock sizes available for all single seat cockpits from size 1.2 thru 7.0. Standard colors are black.
Yellow or Red available (special order & upcharge).

List Price $ 36.95

Paddle Shack
Special Get Ready For Winter Price

Save over 10% and get free shipping!!!
Includes Free Shipping ... Cont U.S.

Not sure of your rim size - No Problem!
Tell us your kayak make & model and we will insure you receive the properly sized cover.
Contact the Shack

No more dirty cockpits!

Clean Your PFD's and Paddling Gear
At the risk of giving away a trade secret, I have found nothing that cleans and restores the colors of our rental PFD's as easily and effectively as Sport-Wash.

Body oils and accumulated dirt can shorten the life of your gear and make it look ready for the trash heap - which is where it will wind up quicker if not cleaned periodically. I am always amazed at how vibrant and revitalized our gear looks after a simple washing in a Sport-Wash bath.

Sport-Wash is safe for all washable fabrics, and yet powerful enough to remove odors and your toughest stains such as soil, blood, and grass.

Its secret is that unlike other detergents designed to leave brighteners, fragrances, and other residue behind, Sport-Wash rinses completely. Nothing is left to clog the pores of fabric. Cotton, wool, and synthetic materials and left completely clean. Insulation like down, Thinsulate, and Hollofil fluff up for maximum warmth. And even difficult to clean sportswear materials such as Gore-Tex have their waterproofing and breathability restored.

Sport-Wash does not contain phosphates to "brighten" your clothes ... it does not need them because on its own it leaves fabrics cleaner than any other detergent. In addition, if you or any members of your family have sensitive skin or are allergic to the residue left behind by commercial detergents, Sport-Wash eliminates the rash, redness, and irritation you've suffered through with other detergents. No more itchy, irritated skin.

Sport-Wash is safe and effective even for "delicate care" fabrics. It will remove stains and odors without harming bright colors. It likely costs less per load than your regular laundry detergent and completely eliminates the need for fabric softener (another source of odor and chemical irritation).

We have been cleaning our PFDs and technical clothing with Sport-Wash for years and are totally satisfied. Usually a capful in a tub of water and a 30 minute soak accompanied with some hand agitation followed by a dual rinse and drip dry is all that is needed to have our gear clean and ready for continued use.

 18 Ounces, 18 Washes; List Price $ 6.95

Paddle Shack
Special Get Ready For Winter Price

Save over 20%

Mirazyme - Odor Killer That Works

True story: I arrived back at the Shack after an expedition in the salt marshes with wetshoes that were so odorific from decaying marsh matter that the staff inside could smell them before I came through the door. A capfull of Mirazyme and an overnight soak in a bucket of water actually removed the odor, saving a good pair of paddle shoes that were otherwise not safe to stand over. Amazingly effective!

Save your shoes & wetsuits - and your neighbor's sinuses !!

MiraZyme™ Odor Eliminator is a powerful blend of natural enzymes and microbes used to remove odors caused by mold, mildew and bacteria. McNett has identified, separated and reproduced a unique blend of 10 naturally occurring and highly adapted enzymes, microbes and other organic ingredients designed to identify and destroy odor.

MiraZyme is extremely versatile, quickly and effectively removing odor and organic debris from a wide variety of clothing, footwear, outdoor and sports gear, and more. Residues from MiraZyme are water and carbon dioxide-safe for the environment.

Concentrated formula; Two ounces creates 80 gallons of odor destroying treatment ... just use what you need. If you're not a real stinker, it will last quite awhile!

2 Ounce Bottle reg $ 4.99
8 Ounce Bottle reg $8.99

Paddle Shack
Special Get Ready For Winter Price

Save Over 10%
2 ounce: $4.49
8 ounce: $7.99


UV Protection
Ultra Violet - The Silent Boat & Gear Killer

The Skinny: Every moment your gear spends exposed to sunlight, it is slowly and silently being destroyed by ultra violet degradation. Even while stored indoors, all plastics and rubbers are subject to out gassing and eventually become brittle. A surface application of a lubricating UV protector goes a long way to maintaining the life of all your gear. We use it on all our boats, gear and deck hardware.

UV Tech is a powerful protectant for use on hundreds of items including dry suit seals, kayaks, binocular housings, boat covers and a variety of outdoor fabrics and materials. Rejuvenates synthetic and natural materials and protects surfaces from sun damage and color fading. Restores gear to its original condition and prolongs gear life. Ideal for float tubes, waders & more.

UV Tech Conditions, Seals and Protects Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber, PVC, Leather, Fiberglass, Hypalon® and More.

Reduces Damage and Fading From The Sun.
Replaces Lost Plasticizers.
Protects For Easy Cleaning.
Improves Appearance, Enhances Color.
Nontoxic, Biodegradable, Nonflammable.

8 ounce Spray Bottle reg $ 7.99
16 ounce Spray Bottle reg $15.99

Paddle Shack
Special Get Ready For Winter Price

Save Over 10%
8 ounce: $6.99
16 ounce: $13.99

Current as of 9-30-17
Prices subject to update changes.

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