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Fledgling Eagles!
Great News
News Article Spring / Summer -  2015

Sunday, May 24th

Great news - we seem to have at least three eagle chicks preparing to earn their flight wings!
Both nests seem to have young ready to fly.

While on a sunset eagle tour with four adults & their own youngsters, we were treated to young eagles dancing on the nest edges and working their wings in preparation to fly.

 The setting sun silhouetted the western nest, allowing us to watch the flapping youngsters and attending adult. Unfortunately, the pines in that area have been devastated by the southern pine beetle, so they are bare - which makes viewing easier - but could spell doom for that nest sight. With the tree leaning in a manner I don't recall in prior years, hopefully it will remain viable while the young are growing.

 The eastern nest - in that big healthy pine among the hard woods is well hidden in plain view. We were able to see one youngster hopping around the nest, flapping his apparently preflight wings. No adults were spotted at this nest.

This was a wonderfully rewarding tour for all of us. What a thrill to see!

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PS - Many thanks again for the Patcong Creek Clean-up volunteers who help to make this tidal creek such a healthy wilderness environment nestled in suburb's back yard.


Thursday, May 28th

Two first time Creek paddlers had a thrilling and very rewarding afternoon adventure.

While enjoying all the solitude and natural sights along the creek they were treated to three birds in the western nest. No dancers or wing workers, just two smaller heads visible above the nest top and a parent Eagle standing to the nest side.

The eastern nest also revealed a solitary head & shoulders visible above the nest top.

As the two travelers worked their way back to the Paddle Shack, they wondered about the location and activity of the absent parents. Pleased with the activity they had seen, they rounded a bend in the creek.

For a second he stood atop an old deteriorating piling, eyeing the intruders to his waterway. With a leap and a few beats of those immense powerful wings, an adult Bald Eagle in full plumage glided at eye level directly in front of our paddles!

How often does an adult Bald come to visit? Needless to say, our adventurers were excited and thrilled!

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Sunday, June 7th
First Flights!

Courtesy of a very rare swarm of 8 to 10 kamakazi jet skiers tearing up and down the the creek before sunset, there were none of the customary shore birds feeding along the banks - nor were any eagles seen at the eastern water's edge nest.

The western nest, safely set back from the main creek, was a rewarding observation subject. There was a steady and very strong south wind. One Eagle stood on the edge of the nest face into the wind pumping his wings. He tucked his head down slightly and leapt from the nest. Descending initially, we soared upward toward the setting sun. His flight was a clockwise soar of about 1/4 to 1/2 mile circumference. He touched down on the nest back. Rested a few moments and the flew to an adjacent pine.

Number Two eyed the soloist, stood as he had - pumping his wings. In a gust he lifted and very hesitantly, made a short (first) flight to the adjacent pine. It took Number Two three seemingly very cautious and hesitant "flights" to return the 20 feet to the nest.

Number Three remained safely in the nest, obviously not ready to test his wings.

As darkness set in, the Adults returned home to join the three youngsters.

Sunday, June 14th

Two young birds visible at the east nest - one sitting in, the other perched on an adjacent branch. They blend so well with the pine browns that they really are hidden in plain sight - at least until they move.

One youngster sited flying near the western nest.

photo: Melissa Penta
Wednesday, June17th

As paddlers set out to tour the northern creek, THREE young eagles greeted them in the sky just north of the Paddle Shack. What a great sight!

The youngsters soared together in the strong south wind for a few minutes, then one moved to explore northward. Two remained close then number two headed east and then north. Number three had the pleasure of testing his flying skills avoiding 4 blackbirds that harassed and dived at him. Last seen, he was behind the tree line heading toward the west nest site.

Amazingly, the adults have been able to feed all three youngsters sufficiently to avoid the losses so typical with three babies. Speaks well for the efforts and skills of the parents as well as the abundance of natural food items.

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