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Boxit Cell Phone Case Special!
News Article Spring 2013

For those of us who prefer not to use a flip phone, and need dependable communication in any weather conditions - even while floating in water waiting to be rescued - the water and dust tight Boxit Mobile Phone Case is a must. Since being on the water and staying in touch with the shop is a job requirement, I need a waterproof cell phone case that will withstand the hits, squeezes and compressions endured during rolling and rescue classes, as well as general every day use ... and abuse. The Boxit has stood the test of time.

While perhaps a bit "Old Fashioned" in that it does not accommodate a side opening texting key pad. it is totally functional for a front keypad phone. The real beauty is the ability to dial, talk, hear as clear and easily as if the phone were out of the case - with the added benefit that wet hands, rain or an accidental dump in the pond will not hinder its ability to function. 

A choice of two tops (included), allows you to select the size best suited for your use. If you have a phone with an antenna nub, there are both left and right ports and caps included to allow for that setup. There is also a hands free cap (included) that allows for an earphone or Blue Tooth cable to be used. I prefer the speaker phone setup - one less connection to worry about.

The Gore Audio Membrane (as in GoreTex) keeps water out, allows for perfectly clear voice transmission and as a bonus, in the event of pressure on the case underwater, will allow air to gently escape without fear of "popping a gasket" or allowing water to infiltrate the case. I've tried it (with a spare phone) - just to see how well it performs.

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Cap color Citron (pictured)

UNIVERSAL CASE: The Boxit® comes with two different easy-to-change lids, designed to accommodate nearly any mobile phone on the market. In addition, antenna extensions and plugs are included to allow use of nearly any style, size, and orientation of antenna.

FUNCTIONAL IN THE CASE: The flexible transparent face allows "dial-thru" functionality, while a special waterproof Gore® audio membrane guarantees effective sound transmission. Operating temperature: -40 C (-40 F) to + 60 C (+ 140 F)

IT FLOATS! The case will remain floating on the surface if dropped into the water. It is sufficiently buoyant to float with almost any phone inside. The manufacturer rates its submersion to as much as 3 feet (1 meter). This should be enough in case you fall in the water with your phone and case attached to your belt.

Paddle Shack's own Captain Kayak:
When the Boxit first arrived at the Paddle Shack in 2002, I was the first person to use and test it. Since then, I have had multiple occasions to test its water tightness and clarity...although not always in a planned manner. During rescue and rolling classes my phone was as far as 3' underwater for as long as 10 minutes with no water intrusion problems. I am still using the same case (different phone) nine years later. My current phone is 1 7/8" wide, 4 3/4" tall, 5/8" thick and will fit using the short top case, although I use the tall top case.

Dermot; Carlow Civil Defence, Ireland
Hi, I am a member of the Irish Civil Defence Search and Rescue. Six months ago our Water Rescue Unit was called to search for a missing person in New Ross County Wexford, which i sin the South East of the Country. This search was based on the River Barrow just before it entered the Irish Sea. Our Sraech that day went on for hours. Unfortunately I lost my mobile phone which was in a BOXIT case. We came to the conclusion that I had lost it in the River while searching for the missing person.

Six months later (nearly 7), I recieved a phone cal from a fisher man. He had discovered my phone and BOXIT case while fishing off the Wexford coast. The fisher man was able to contact me as I sent a text message to that phone when I lost it instructing to contact me on a different number. When he got home, he was able to charge the battery and contact me the following day. The BOXIT case kept my phone from being damaged by all the elements of the Sea for 6 months and as a result was returned back to me.

Boxit Cell Phone Case Features

O-ring seal make the Boxit water-resistant and dustproof.
The belt clip allows you to clip your case in four different orientations so you can attach it to your belt, backpack harness, inside a coat, on a vehicle. with so many options you will always find a way to secure the case to fit your particular preference and need.


The included Hands Free Plug is a neoprene foam plug that lets you run the wire through the case for use of your head set or ear plug while driving, motorcycling, bicycling or at a job site. Note - The hands free Plug reduces the unit's waterproof properties to only water resistant.
Approved to IP45 and IP65

Instructional Video Link

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