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"Best Little Paddle Shack In South Jersey"
5012 Ocean Heights Ave, Egg Harbor Twp NJ 08234
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Gemini Two Person Kayak

Rental Programs
Pick-Up and Paddle     
Launch at the

Feel Free Nomad Kayak

Pau Hana "Big EZ" SUP

Rental Boats & SUPs
Recreation  Fishing  Ocean/Surf  Touring  SUP

Pau Hana "Oahu" SUP

Moken 12.5 Fishing Kayak

Rental Waiver Info Required
Adults       Minors

Moken 10 Fishing Kayak


Pick-Up and Paddle
Choose the kayak you would like to paddle, take it with you on your own vehicle to the paddling location of your choice. Foam blocks and straps are available for securing kayaks to vehicles without roof racks - limitations apply - contact us.

 Kayak Rates

Boat & Standard Gear

 Day Three Days Five Days  Week
Single Seat Kayaks $45 $110 $175 $190
 Tandem (2 Seat) Kayaks $55 $125 $200 $215

 SUP Rates

Board, Adj Paddle, Ankle Leash

 Day Three Days Five Days  Week
 Beginner's Poly Boards $50 $125 $200 $220
 Epoxy & Air Boards $60 $130 $240 $260

Launch at the Dock
Our most popular rental method. Select your vessel. Launch directly into the tidal Patcong Creek from a floating dock or paved boat ramp.
Pre-booking is strongly suggested on weekends & holidays.

 Kayak Rates

Boat & Standard Gear

 1-2 Hrs 2-3 Hrs  3-4 Hrs
Single Seat Kayaks $30 $35 $40
 Tandem (2 Seat) Kayaks $40 $45 $50

 SUP Rates

Board, Adj Paddle, Ankle Leash

 1-2 Hrs 2-3 Hrs  3-4 Hrs
 Beginner's Poly Boards $35 $40 $45
 Epoxy & AirBoards $45 $50 $55


Rental Registration Info Required
Each participant must complete these forms.
Please print and review the release/information pages.
Bringing completed forms with you will save registration time.


Adult Liability Waiver
Adult Personal Emergency Information

(Under 18 Yrs Old Must be accompanied by an adult)

Minor's Liability Waiver
Minor's Personal Emergency Information

Have the right boat & gear ready when you arrive...
Forward your outfitting info before you arrive; have the right boat & gear waiting for you.

Personal Outfitting Info

Stand Up Paddle Boards Available

Small Air Large Air

Big EZ





Rental Kayak Styles Available





Marvel 120

 Recreation Style (Sit In) Kayaks

Boat & Standard Gear

 Day Three Days Five Days  Week
Liquid Logic "Marvel" 12" Kayak, PFD, Paddle $45 $110 $175 $190
Liquid Logic "Marvel 145T" Two Person Kayak, 2 PFDs, 2  Paddles $55 $125 $200 $215

Marvel 145 Tandem


Reserve a Kayak

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Moken 10

Fishing Kayaks

Boat & Standard Gear

 Day Three Days Five Days  Week
Feel Free "Moken10 Lite" Kayak w/rod holders, PFD, Paddle $45 $100 $175 $190
Feel Free "Moken 12.5" Kayak w/rod holders, PFD, Paddle $45 $100 $175 $190
Old Town "Twin Heron" Tandem Kayak w/rod holders, 2PFDs, 2 Paddles $55 $125 $200 $215

Moken 12.5


Reserve a Kayak


Gemini Two Person

Sit On Top kayaks / Ocean - Surf

Boat & Standard Gear

Day Three Days Five Days Week

FeelFree "Move" Kayak, PFD, Paddle

$45 $110 $140 $175

FeelFree "Nomad" Kayak, PFD, Paddle

$45 $110 $140 $175

FeelFree "Gemini" 2 Person Kayak, PFDs, Paddles

$50 $125 $200 $215

Feel Free Nomad

  Reserve a Kayak  

 Touring / Performance Style Kayaks

Boat & Standard Gear

Day Three Days Five Days Week
Select from our fleet; Touring Kayak, PFD, Bending Branches Whisper 220cm Paddle, Spray Skirt, Pump, Paddle Float. $55 $150 $250 $300
Prijon "Seayak" Kayak, PFD,  Bending Branches Whisper 220cm Paddle, Spray Skirt, Pump, Paddle Float. $55 $150 $250 $300

 Optional Equipment

Misc Gear to enhance your fun

Day Three Days Five Days Week
Roof Rack System...fits almost every vehicle roof $10 25 $40 $50
Kayak / Canoe Wheeled Carts $8 $20 $30 $40
Dry Bags...various sizes $2 $5 $8 $10

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Favorite Local Paddling Destinations

The Paddle Shack is now located directly on Patcong Creek .

We are only minutes away from some of the best paddling locations in South Jersey.
Some of the closest and most popular paddling destinations are listed below.

Old Memories - Mays Landing Favorites - From Our Old Location
Atlantic County Park at Lake Lenape
Locate just ten miles from the Paddle Shack, Lake Lenape boasts ample parking, modern and clean restrooms, showers, camping and picnic facilities as well as a playground for the little ones.
No fee for access or parking.
Gaskill Park
 Commonly known as "The Bulkhead", Gaskill Park is located alongside Route 40 at the head of the tidal portion of The Great Egg Harbor River. Parking is available in the lot at the Western end of the park, or along either side of Route 40. Boat Launching is accomplished at any of three floating docks.
No fee for access or parking.

Atlantic County Park at Weymouth Furnace
Site of historic iron and glass works, the park is a favorite put in location for a trip down river to Lake Lenape. Allow about 4 hours for this 7 mile trip. Parking, picnic areas and portable toilets are available on site. Park access, parking is free, but limited.


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