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Full Moon Lunar Total Eclipse Shooting Star Paddle
 Oct 27, 2004



By George Sluker

So few brave souls even thought about joining this trip...and then the cloud cover rolled in. About an hour before launch time the prospects of seeing anything...other than 100% cloud cover...were not good.

Caught Smitty, decided it was not worth the long drive for him. Tried to catch Patricia J...she remained undaughnted...being half way to the Shack, she opted to continue the drive.

Shortly before launch time the cloud cover evaporated! We launched with the remnants of sunset coloring the western sky. The moon was already on full beam, dazzling clear in the cool air. As evening settled unto the lower tidal portion of the Great Egg Harbor River, it was obvious mother nature was preparing for something very special. 

The salt marsh was at rest. The air rested, not a breeze to ruffle the water. Not a wave to undulate the mirror surface. Just the tide on its endless flow offered any movement. As a magnificent white blue infused the sky and lit our path, it gave all but the most determined stars a respite from their normal evening twinkle duty. 

As if to alert of the impending start of the main event, an owl called from the distant shore. A blanket of stratocu clouds briefly waved before the full moon. As Earth started to make its shadow know to the moon, the heavens excitedly threw shooting stars. 

As the moon took a courtesy bow in the earth’s shadow, the stars shared the stage. Overhead, Pegasus ruled. Cassiopeia looked toward the little bear as the big bear dipped behind the northern horizon. The Seven Sisters called. Soon Taurus was on stage. Orion filled and dominated the eastern horizon. The heavens still offered shooting stars. Now standing in the shadows, the full moon, totally pleased, smiled and blushed in rusty peach tones.  

Forgive me for stating the missed one very, very special paddle!



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