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Are You & Your Gear Ready For Summer?

With the arrival of warm weather we are all anxious to get out and enjoy the sun. For those of us who have paddled over the winter, cold weather wear items will be stored until needed again. The warm weather clothing and gear will make it's welcome début. 

Are you really ready to store that gear?
Most of us rinse or wash our wetsuits upon returning from a paddle outing. That suit may not be as clean as we think, and not really ready to store! If you have worked on your strokes or roll over the winter in a nice heated pool, chlorine residue might be lurking in the background. Certain neoprene suits are very susceptible to chlorine damage. While headed for premature aging from the chlorine, your gear could be under assault by bacteria that announce their multiplied presence with that wonderful odor!

Some helpful cleaning products to consider...
AquaSeal Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo...
a cleaner and conditioner, contains a chlorine remover. Good for cleaning wetsuits, drysuits, boots, gloves, lycra articles. Add 1/2 ounce per gallon of water, wash by hand with a kneading motion and rinse thoroughly. Biodegradable.

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AquaSeal Mirazyme.
an odor eliminator for wetsuits, drysuits and sports gear. Penetrates into the pores of fabrics, rubber and hard surfaces to eliminate odor naturally. A blend of 10 microbial elements/enzymes attack and destroy odor causing bacteria. Add 1/2 ounce to as much as 20 gallons of water, dip the item, ensuring saturation inside and out. Dipping and then turning the item inside out and re-dipping works very well. hang to let air dry. Do Not Rinse! Water and carbon dioxide are the by-products, and the residue solution may be poured safely into lakes or rivers. This is a great product to take on multi day trips to keep that gear odor from over powering the scents of the surrounding country-side!

Sno-Seal Sport Wash...totally free of dyes, fragrances, phosphates, oxidizers, color, fluorescent whiteners, enzymes, fillers. Add one ounce per washing machine load. Great for cleaning all polypro underwear, all wicking, breathing and insulating fabrics. A great product to clean and restore the breathing and water proof properties of your paddling jackets and pants. Rinses scent free, leaving no odor to alert wildlife of your presence. Made from biodegradable and renewable straight chain vegetable source surfactants.

Hey! Don't forget to protect that boat!
UV Tech & 303 Protectant... Probably the most damaging item that will hit you boat is ultra violet radiation. Discoloration, fading, embrittlement, cracking, chalking, and/or loss of mechanical properties are all signs of UV damage. Think of it as permanent sunburn to your beloved kayak! Ouch!! A good ultra violet stabilizer will absorb damaging energy into itself, sparing the protected item. Sort of a SPF 40 for your boat. Since the stabilizers are sacrificial, the must be periodically replenished. It is a good idea to give your boat a treatment at least twice a year. Learn more about UV protection at  Your boat and gear will look better and last longer!

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